Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Tools

When Kristen Luker was describing the way in which libraries are set up using systems, I was brought back to my undergraduate days. I quickly realized in my History degree that having a concise and smart- as Luker mentioned- research plan, I could save myself many headaches and panic attacks. As I built up my research methods, and am continuing to do so, I remember the time I came across the fact that books were placed on the shelf in terms of subject. Not only did I begin to save myself time but also found many books that my feeble online searches had not produced. However as quickly as I realized how well this worked for books, I was hit by the fact that finding journal articles would not be as simple. I have since struggled with finding a similarly smart way of searching through journal articles. However, the Luker chapters this week have given me some great tools to hone my skills as a researcher and to find those elusive journal articles related to my research question.

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