Sunday, October 24, 2010

Interviews and Focus Groups

For this week blog I am trying to gather all the reading and come to a conclusion for choosing methods.

Basically Participant Observation (PO) is the main key for methods such as; focus groups and interviews. The requirements for these methods are based on the theory and questionnaires that the researcher is conducting. In order to build up our theory, it is important to look at the cultural aspect of the people who are being interviewed.

It is very true as I read this week articles that the PO must get close enough to the people of the study and yet be far enough to be able to analyze it.

In my research study I will find out about the community outreach/organizations and build up the practices and questions to discuss during focus groups and interviews.
These methods will be very useful in my research study because the programmes in the library is very much related to our community needs and interests.


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