Sunday, October 24, 2010

Interviewer Observer

This week I had an interview to do for INF1300.  It was a sobering exercise.  So easy to write, I’ll use this method and that method… reality is a bit more demanding.  Even a one-on-one Q and A with someone you know, can surface a lot of issues about the process.

It’s a challenge to word questions without leading; to prompt without suggesting; to receive all answers with the same benign inscrutability that will (hopefully) disarm anxieties and neutralize any desire to give a more pleasing or less ignorant answer.. etc etc.

It’s a process that made me aware of how weighty the ethical issues are or can be.  I didn’t find too much guidance on this in the readings for this week.  But I can see that participant observation of any kind is going to be a many-layered challenge.

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